The Perfect Goalie – Remote Goalie Coaching


Detailed individual goalie profile with more than 75 rated and commented body part positions and movements. The profile will exactly show the strengths and especially weaknesses of the fundamental goalie skills. It is the perfect basis to develop a tailored training program for a goalie to improve the performance quickly!

To create the profile a set of 8 fundamental goalie drills has to be recorded and transferred by email or data transfer portal (e.g. to . To check the goalie assessment drills and the perfect camera positions please download the free XquiX-App and sign in.


Daily specific goalie training program tailored to the individual needs and objectives of the goalie and the team. A set of drills for 30 to 45 min. will be provided for each practice session – coordinated and harmonized with the requirements of the responsible coach.

All goalie drills can be conducted in assistance with a goalie coach or by the goalie alone with just slight attention from the team coach. To check the execution of the goalie drills please download the free XquiX-App and sign in. All drills are presented by Michael Zellmer – 2 x Olympic WP Goalie for Germany in 2004 and 2008.

For questions and advise of the drills a phone support by Michael Zellmer is available.


Goalie Profiling: $250 per goalkeeper
Goalie Training Program:
$200 for 4 weeks of training plans

Remote Goalie Coaching Combo:
*Special packages are available for teams with several goalkeepers.

Contact: The Perfect Goalie – Michael Zellmer E-Mail:

$750 (Goalie Profiling + 12 weeks training)*

Phone: (714) 262-7993